Monday, March 31, 2014

Map of Mrs. Dalloway's London

Clarissa's walk is red; it intersects at Oxford St. with Septimus and Rezia's walk up to Regent's Park. 

Peter's walk is blue; it lies to the east of Clarissa's walk (logical, considering his colonial associations) and parallels both her and Septimus's routes, implying he is aligned with the full range of her psyche. 

Richard's walk in yellow encloses Clarissa's on the west, passing near Buckingham Palace; his walk is shorter than Peter's only paralleling Clarissa and not Septimus, but unlike Peter's, Richard's walk actually crosses, or touches Clarissa's.

Elizabeth's bus ride is in pink and takes a horizontal direction paralleling the river that is quite different from the routes of the older generation, venturing into the world of commerce rather than wing confined to that of high society.

Am I the only one who sees in this series of maps, an outline sketch of a vase, with Regent's park at the top representing a flower (the inner circle of the park has been a rose garden for many years).

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